Sunday, January 15, 2012

Episode 9


In which the crew unfortunately suffers a setback, only to rise like the phoenix and begin anew! In this special edition episode, OPP is led by a crew of two who go onto plug other podcasts before remembering what the podcast is actually about. Following that, the two rummage through the week's picks and ponder what it'd be like to have a DC: MAX line, the perks of being a pizza guy, one company's perceived failure on a level of Liefeldian proportions, and continually insult the other absent members of the crew for no apparent reason.

Featured in this week's episode: Reviews of DC's latest, one of Marvel's newest releases, the penultimate issue of a secondary volume run, the annual weekly shoutout to Jason Aaron's Scalped, and discussions revolving around the "Second Wave" and one creator's three-way... promotions.

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