Saturday, January 7, 2012

Episode 8

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In which the crew is finally graced with the presence of their glorious leader, who boasts a triumphant return from the dead before going onto tell the exciting tale of how he, well, returned from his vacation. Following this, the group delves into the week's reviews before rounding out a shorter-than-usual episode with Marvel's triumphant moment in the spotlight, DC's endgame plan in the event of a backfire, the lack of any true news from the week in comics, and the orgy-related perils of holding the first (and maybe last) annual Morrisoncon. Get your LSD while it's hot, folks.

Featured in this week's episode: Reviews of DC's two heavy-hitters of the relaunch, a Marvel book that's beginning to remind someone of Gotham Central, an Image launch from an award-winning creative team, and discussions regarding the year-end sales figures and the announcement of a controversial new convention.

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