Saturday, January 21, 2012

Episode 10


In which the crew get creator-owned fever! Joe Mulvey, writer/artist of indie success story Scam, drops by for a chat with the boys about this week's books, while one member of the crew shames the others with his blatant laziness concerning Batman #5. They move on to discuss the stigma of comic book reading to the unwashed masses, the weekly Scalped shout out, and the joys of indie comics. Then...a goddamn monkey rapes a frog.

All the while, one member of the OPP crew sits in silence with self-lovin' on his mind. Is he the monkey or the frog in his twisted fantasy?

Listen and find out!

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Joe Mulvey's website
Scam steals Supercrooks' lead
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Monkey rapes a frog....seriously....