Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Episode 91

In which The Panel-Offists get dyslexic a little bit and organize a mini Dork Knights reunion, becoming sex criminals along the way and re-christening their already fiendish union. That's right, it's two for the trouble of one, as you're forced to join the Southerner and the Sloth left to their own devices for a night of debauchery, sexual innuendo, and plenty of Batman jokes. Well, that's what you should expect, anyway. Following the fap-worthy news of a TV show focusing on everyone's favorite Gotham City Police Commissioner, the two talk shop and discuss the premiere episode of Marvel's Agents of SHIELD before moving onto reviews of - fittingly enough - Image Comics' Sex Criminals #1, the Sagaist issue of Saga yet (maybe), Trial of The Punisher, and an anthology collection of All-Crime Comics, among others. Don't blame us, everyone knows we require adult supervision!

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Link of the Week

"Gotham" to be new live-action television series at Fox, focusing on Jim Gordon