Tuesday, May 21, 2013

Episode 73

NOTE: At times, the audio in this episode fluctuates in quality. Attempts were made to correct it, but not all of it was able to be cut out, unfortunately. Our apologies.

In which The Off-Panelists don't have the temperment to discover dark secrets about themselves! From a significant other that one of the crew has been hiding to the telling tale of a disturbing dream that another one has been having, the Spaniard, the Scotsman, and the Southerner also welcome special returning guest John of Earth-2, aka wiegeabo. From there, they delve into the week's books by discussing the good vibrations of Justice League of America Presents: Vibe, the story doomed to follow the "greatest Superman story since The New 52 began" in Adventures of Superman, the dark yet mysterious spin on a classic Gotham rogue in the pages of Batgirl, a unique find in the form of Monkeybrain Comics' Kinski, and others. Following a jam-packed review session, the crew ventures into a doubly monumental news segment! From a late breaking departure from DC Comics to late reactions to Iron Man 3 and the recently released Star Trek Into Darkness, this episode has it all. Including, oddly enough, a horny Martha Washington.

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Links of the Week

'The Thing With Two Heads' trailer. Yes, it's a film.
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Nebraska library refuses to pull 'Batman: The Killing Joke'
Did 'Ted' and 'Avatar' rip off these comics? - IGN
Ridiculous legal challenges face Mark Millar's 'Jupiter's Legacy'
'Multiversity' aims to make readers into superheroes, says Grant Morrison
'Hulk: Agents Of S.M.A.S.H.' puts reality show spin on character
James Robinson exits DC Comics, leaves 'Earth 2'
"Hitler" reacts to The Mandarin twist in 'Iron Man 3'