Monday, March 4, 2013

Episode 63

In which, after three agonizing weeks of absence  The Off-Panelists are finally treated to the long-awaited return of SICBA Award Winner John Lees! And absolutely nobody's happy to see him, as the aforementioned Scot, Spaniard, and Sloth delve into the week's books without hesitation to bring reviews of some of the month's biggest offerings, including their take on the big death that shocked absolutely no one in Batman Incorporated, one fan's ecstatic review of a team-up in the pages of Avenging Spider-Man, the debut of Bendis' run on the hotly anticipated Guardians of The Galaxy, books that were actually a week old due to a shipping error, the actual climax of an acclaimed run on The Punisher, and a much more effective death than the death that was spoiled. Plus, the second lightning round, movie news, and the most important question of all... asked by one of their own! "Burn in Hell, Martinez!" Version 2.0!

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Links of the Week
Gail Simone tapped to write "Red Sonja" for Dynamite Entertainment
Zack Snyder's "Man of Steel" touted as "best movie of the year" in early screenings
Improved costume revealed for "The Amazing Spider-Man 2", Chris Cooper cast as Norman Osborn