Friday, December 2, 2011

Episode 4

Episode 4 Download

Merce finally makes her first appearance on the show! And this proves to be an interesting episode as majority of our pull lists consist of DC Comics published books and there were not many. We also make brief mention that Dark Horse Comics, the last of the 'big' name publishers, announces that they too are going Day-And-Digital.

Despite the Crisis of Not-Enough-Books, we still manage to discuss the following comics of this week: Tiny Titans #46 , Spaceman #2, Theory of Everything #1 from Top Cow's Pilot Season Event, Super Dinosaur #6 as the awesomeness of this all ages book continues just as our demand for more dino men does, Green Wake #7, Daredevil #6 and how Waid concocts possibly one of the most intelligent ways for a hero to overcome the obstacle of a villain, Dorothy And The Wizard in Oz #3, and FF #12 as the kids of the Future Foundation continue to be some of the best characters in Marvel.

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Clockwork, Vol. 1